Home design doesn't have to be so serious. Your pad should be a place that, makes you smile,
tells your story, and never makes you sick from unknown dyes or chemicals. With that in mind a
crafty Philly girl started Crash Pad Designs in 2009. Crash Pad Designs are fun, mod,eco friendly
and functional.

At Crash Pad Designs, we know it's a challenge to decorate your home with stylish, functional mod
fabrics and funky housewares. We aim to make it a little easier and a lot more interesting. Inspired
by mid century modern culture and design our digitally printed fabrics are retro, but very modern.
Our original fabrics and funky housewares allow you to decorate your home, without  recreating a  
page from a catalog .  

Crash Pad Designs are digitally printed, and all meticulously made in the USA.
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Remodeling and Home Design