things that make smile:
(in no particular order)
*old movies
* mid century designs
* my beau
* 1940's rayon dresses
* champagne
* bright colors
* cheese
* my family
* live music
* bbq
* delivery
* bass players
* my garden
* jackson pollock
* coffee
* my house
* thank yous
* friends
* sunshine
I'm Renee from Philadelphia, and I started Crash Pad Designs in 2010,"because coming home should make you smile." Inspired by a new home, an obsession with
mid century culture and design, and my 1963 Philco electric oven, I created a  line of eco friendly original mod fabrics, funky housewares & home textiles that are
fun,original & always functional.

It all started when I was house hunting. We entered the house through the kitchen door....and the rest is history.
That was the first time I saw my beautiful yellow and white 1963 Philco electric oven. Besides the oven , there was a
yellow linoleum floor and gray and yellow tile on the walls , yellow drainboard double sinks and metal cabinets. I was in love and I hadn't even seen any other room in the
house. Then, the bathroom sealed the deal. Turquoise and pink. Just like the kitchen the bathroom hadn't been updated since 1960 whatever, and it was immaculate.

Several months later while living in my fabulous new house I was inspired to design fabrics worthy of my fun new home.
That was the start of Crash Pad Designs.

Crash Pad Designs let you say good bye to cookie cutter home design.  

At Crash Pad Designs we aim to make decorating your home a little easier and a lot more interesting. Our mid century modern inspired  designs our digitally printed.
Always retro, but very modern. Funky shower curtains, mod throw pillows, modern bedding and more and allow you to decorate your home, without recreating a  page
from a catalog.

Crash Pad Designs are all  printed and all meticulously made in the USA.
things that dont make me smile:
* black licorice
* rainy days
* lima beans
* cold cereal
* washing dishes
* sitting in traffic
* bad hair days
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