Pink bathrooms are a huge part of mid century home design, and  we love them. We know here at Crash Pad Designs that we are not alone.
Many mid century enthusiast our opting to resurrect & renovate their pink bathrooms.
Inspired by the "Save the Pink Bathrooms" movement,  We've designed a line of mod pink shower curtains, shower curtains that will resonate
the feel of your pink mid century bathroom and make you smile.

Your pink bathroom deserves a shower curtain that's worthy of it's mid century awesomeness.
The fun doesn't have to stop at the bathroom door. Our mod pink shower curtains will make your bathroom smile.
71" x 71". Made of 100% polyester w/ 12 stitched button holes for hanging. Rings & liner not included
palmer                                               paz                                                pernell                                           pimm   
park                                                 prior                                               presley                                              payne  
preston                                                 pax                                              powell                                                penley
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mod pink shower curtains
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